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    Plumbing problems are known to arise when they are least expected. There are those which are simple and you can take care of them yourself. There are also complicated ones that need the fast hand and expertise of emergency plumbers. When your water pipes burst when you are getting ready for bed or your toilet clogs when you are expecting visitors or your dishwasher suddenly stops working when you have a family get together, you need to act fast. Such scenarios demand that you call plumbing companies for emergency plumbers.

    Before calling for emergency plumbers, check on the problem first and try to understand its root cause. This way you will be able to communicate the problem in detail over the phone. Doing so will enable the experts to carry specific plumbing tools and also come up with the correct quotation for the repair services.

    As you wait for the professionals, here is what you should do:

    Turn off the main water supply – Whatever your plumbing problem is, you need to stop the flow of water into your appliances and fixtures. This step will help curb flooding in case the problem has something to do with burst pipe or leaking faucet. You will also be saving on your water bills.

    Dry yourself thoroughly – Your hands may be wet since you could be dealing with leakages. Thoroughly dry your hands and feet before checking whether water has come close to electrical sockets, lights switch or ceiling fan connection. If so switch off the electrical panel breaker.

    Turn off the power source – If the plumbing emergency has to do with a leaking water heater, remember to turn off the source of power but with dry hands. This is because water and electricity are a deadly combination which may cause accidents and so you should be extremely careful with water leaks.

    Dry the water in the rooms – As you wait for the emergency plumbers, dry off any flooded water in the rooms.

    Avoid flushing the toilet many times – When you have a clogged toilet, you may unconsciously flash the toilet multiple times especially if you are in a desperate situation. Even if you are hosting a house party, desist from doing so and patiently wait for emergency plumbers to get there.

    Identify your pump-out location – If sewer clogging is your problem, you need to save time by finding out where the pump-out is situated before the plumber walks in. Otherwise, he / she may spend a lot of time following your sewer line instead of tackling fundamental repair issues.

    Have an extra emergency plumber – Even the most reliable plumber may fail to turn up immediately due to unavoidable circumstances. This does not mean that you have to wait till the next day. After making a call to your regular plumbing service, it is always wise to call another professional just in case the first one doesn’t come through for one reason or another. Remember to notify the standing by emergency plumber once the first one arrives.

    Doing the above things in the meantime as you wait for emergency plumbers goes a long way in helping to fix the problem faster and effectively. Remember to stay calm because panicking may cost you a lot in terms of money, time and most unfortunately life if you get electrocuted.